Interesting Photo of the Day: Graduation 2020

The year 2020 has been marked with some world-changing developments – a lot of them not being in anybody’s favor. With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing the world to a standstill, many important events and activities have either been postponed or even canceled. The graduating batch of students in 2020 felt the effect too as there were no graduation ceremonies held this year. Reddit user Maledorrison took the following image which represents 2020 pretty well:

graduate in red smoke

“Graduation in 2020” by Maledorrison (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

The image was taken on a Sony A7RII with the Tamron 70-180mm lens at 1/1600s, f/2.8, and ISO 250.

While the primary theme of the image is graduation, it also tells the story of how 2020 has been so far. The gas mask is a representation of the COVID-19 pandemic and reminds us how prone to infection we are. The subject’s body language, on the other hand, appears to be fearless – an indication that we will stand strong despite the current turmoil.

The photographer has also done a brilliant job of planning the colors for this shoot. The red, blue, and white go amazingly well with each other while conveying a strong message to the mass.

“We planned this out color-wise to be red, white, and blue. The overall goal was to really just make you feel something, no matter what the feeling might be.”

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