Interesting Photo of the Day: Goodbye, City Life

There’s nothing quite like the peaceful, wide-open spaces of the countryside. Today’s featured photo shows a father and his young son enjoying their first misty morning after moving to a 3,000-acre farm in northern Arkansas.

family photography

Enjoying their first day in the countryside (via imgur; click for larger image).

Brad, the father in the photo, describes how the farm he and his wife and three sons moved to was actually where he grew up:

I had a moment of clarity. I had a great, great childhood and that farm and those woods and that river had everything to do with it. So I went to the people who owned the house and property now and made them an offer and they accepted.

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One response to “Interesting Photo of the Day: Goodbye, City Life”

  1. I am always tempted to think – what if I would live on a farm? would I love it? How different would it be?Would I have more time for things I love or would I manage to make it hectic too :). Maybe I should try sometime. This photo looks kind of freeing and so relaxed!

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