Interesting Photo of the Day: Foggy Morning on Victoria Street

Visiting photographers simply cherish Victoria Street in the Old Town of Edinburgh. The gentle curve of the street and the beautiful architecture make it a favorite spot for photographers. This iconic location is considered a mosaic of history, with its ancient stone facades and old-world charm serving as a constant reminder of the past. And how could we talk about Edinburgh without mentioning the weather there that’s mostly gloomy, cold, and wet. Photographer Adam Lang took this image which gives a holistic picture of the old town:

Victoria Street Edinburgh

“Foggy Morning in Victoria Street, Edinburg” by Adam Lang (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Victoria Street is well known for its colorful facades on the winding cobblestone street. However, Lang’s image here paints a slightly different picture of the town. Accompanied by rain and fog, the empty street appears quite moody – something that perhaps tourists aren’t used to seeing.

The buildings, with their classic designs, are a true testament to how rich the town was and still is in terms of architecture. It’s almost like traveling back in time. The street with its curvy design adds an aesthetic value to the look of the city.

“These buildings are mostly made of sandstone. Cleaning them is a very delicate and expensive process – power washing would do irreparable damage.”

Have you been to Victoria Street? What’s your best memory of your visit? Let us know in the comments.

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