Interesting Photo of the Day: Finnish Lapland Trees in Winter

If you’re willing to make the trip and can bear the frigid, glacial temperatures, the Arctic Circle and its surrounding area might very well have some of the most beautiful, pleasantly chilling photo ops imaginable. Here, you can see how sub-freezing temperatures and driving wind and snow can turn a field of trees into a surreal, unearthly winter landscape:

snow covered trees

Sentinels of the Arctic by Niccolò Bonfadini (Via Imgur. Click to see full size.)

This picture, entitled “Sentinels of the Arctic” was taken in the scarcely populated Lapland Region of Finland by nature photographer Niccolo Bonfadini. Lying just outside the Arctic Circle, Lapland’s temperatures can drop to as low as -40°C. Bonfadini camped out in the freezing cold to get the perfect shots as the sun rose behind him.

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