Interesting Photo of the Day: Falcon 9 Rocket on Drone Ship

SpaceX is working hard to help further space exploration. The company has been working with the 2-stage Falcon 9 rocket in a series of missions (such as launching commercial satellites). The Falcon 9 was created and designed with both reliability and transport safety in mind. Using experimental landings and various mission objectives, the company hopes to help find ways to significantly cut launch costs. This amazing photograph captures a glimpse of the Falcon 9 rocket just seconds after a successfully landing:

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In the Shadow of the Falcon 9, Seconds After Successful LandingĀ (Via Flickr. Click image to see full size.)

In 2012, the Falcon 9 made history when it delivered the Dragon spacecraft into the proper rendezvous orbit with the International Space Station. Since then, SpaceX has completed multiple resupply missions in a contract for NASA to deliver and return cargo to the Space Station.

During the THAICOM 8 mission (launch of a Thai satellite) on May 27, 2016, the entire first-stage landing was recorded, and after speeding up the video, SpaceX released the amazing footage:

Founded in 2002, SpaceX continues full throttle on their journey towards: reusable rockets, significantly reduced launch costs, and delivering humans into space.

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