Interesting Photo of the Day: Empire State Building Reflected in a Puddle

Photos of big city skylines or impressive architecture always appeal to audiences that have visited a city already or would like to in the future. With unique perspective and framing, a skyscraper photograph can become something entirely different than a standard city shot. Look for an angle or viewpoint that will set your work apart from previous photographs taken of the same building or area:

perspective reflection viewpoint architecture

“Empire State Building Reflected in a Puddle” by Ben Hipp (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Illustrator Ben Hipp took this photograph with an iPhone near the Empire State Building to show its reflection in a murky puddle on the street. With only a small amount of editing to change the contrast, he captured an awesome perspective that shows a glimpse of how magnificent and tall the building really is. The split image shows his position on the sidewalk to the right and the building reaching upwards on the left. The alignment between the two creates an appealing composition full of colors and imagery that set the tone for a city shot.

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