Interesting Photo of the Day: Dad’s First Look at Daughter in Wedding Dress

For a bride and groom, the wedding ceremony is often one of the most special, not to mention emotionally charged, events of their lives. And it’s no less of an emotional roller coaster ride for close relatives and friends involved. Therefore, it’s up to the wedding photographers to be able to capture some, if not all, of those magical and emotional moments. Wedding photographer Gary Derbridge caught the following beautiful moment of a father first seeing his daughter in her wedding dress, and boy, do the emotions show:

“Dad’s First Look of Daughter” by Gary Derbridge (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Derbridge took the image with his Sony A7III and converted the image to black and white using Lightroom.

The dad’s reaction is the focal point of this image and Debridge has captured it beautifully. And although blurred out, by including the bride in the foreground, he has given a meaningful context to this image. The dad looks surprised, amazed, and emotional all at the same time, and his expression and body language say it all. Not often do you see a photograph capturing such pure emotion.

Even the decision to go black and white is a beautiful touch as it purely emphasizes emotions. And emotions truly are brighter than any color. The photographer has immortalized this beautiful moment for the bride with this heartwarming photograph. This is truly a success for the photographer as well. Nothing feels better than capturing a genuine reaction like this.

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One response to “Interesting Photo of the Day: Dad’s First Look at Daughter in Wedding Dress”

  1. It is photos like this one above that make being a wedding photographer the most satisfying job ever!

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