Interesting Photo of the Day: Cypress Trees Long Exposure

Lakes have always been captivating subjects for photography because of the movement, colors, and wildlife that surrounds them. Whether you’re photographing animals in or near water or decide to capture the water itself, a lake is constantly changing. It can provide different material to shoot during each season, change in weather, or simply time of day. Remote or exotic locations have a special significance for photographers because they can show a perspective that may not have been photographed before. In this case, the water leads a path through wide, towering cypress trees and invites the viewer to admire the peaceful setting:

exposure reflection nature lake

“Sentinels” by Javier Eduardo Alvarez (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Photographer Javier Eduardo Alvarez captured this image during June in Tangancicuaro de Arista, Michoacan, Mexico. He used a Canon 5D Mark III camera with a focal length of 21mm, 25 second exposure, f/11, and ISO 100.

The alluring aspect of this photograph is the tranquil turquoise water that lies flat during the long exposure, which provides a peaceful effect, adding to the beauty of the shot. The high detail on the cypress tree in the foreground is very appealing and the depth of field keeps that detail sharp throughout the photo. It looks like an amazing destination and lake to visit in Mexico and one that should be flagged for any photographers visiting in the future.

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