Interesting Photo of the Day: City of Staples

Some people are talented with a camera, others with pen and paper or a brush and paint. Peter Root is talented with mundane office supplies. Root’s visionary mind brings new life to the ordinary object, creating masterpieces that have awed the world. If you look closely you will see this vast cityscape is actually made up of tens of thousands of staples:


“Ephemicropolis” created by Peter Root (Via Imgur)

The piece is titled “Ephemicropolis” and was featured in the March 2012 issue of National Geographic. The micro-metropolis consists of over 100,000 staples meticulously put in place during a 40 hour time span. They range from 12 centimeter high stacks down to ever-so-detailed single staples.

Born in Jersey but raised in Britain, Root obtained a fine art degree from University College Falmouth in 2000. However, his past experiences with architectural presentation and model building are apparent in both his 2D and 3D artwork.

Check out this amazing timelapse of Root at work:

There is no limitation to what the imaginative and determined can create!

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  1. Bill Veik says:

    is that in Italy?

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