Interesting Photo of the Day: Cathedral Rocks & Milky Way

The night sky is simply magical. It unveils to us what we fail to see the entire day. Also, it makes us realize how we are a part of something big, like really big. And thanks to the advancement in photography, today we have the ability to get a visualization of what lies beyond our sky and our natural visual capability. Photographer Marcin Zajac took the following image from a cave on the Australian coast and it’s a beautiful reminder of what we’re a part of:

astrophotography with interesting framing

“Cathedral Rocks and the Milky Way” by Marcin Zajac (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

The image is a 15-second long exposure that Zajac took with his Nikon D600 and Samyang 24mm f/1.4 lens.

It’s crazy how he was able to capture all of this with just 15 seconds of exposure. But considering that he choose a location with minimal light pollution, it seems fair. Excellent planning by Zajac.

“This area is far away from major towns and we’re looking towards the ocean which helps.”

Besides the mystical Milky Way, there are quite a bit of interesting things going on in this image. If you pay attention to the composition, you might notice the excellent execution of the basic principles of composition. The narrow opening from the cave opening to the ocean acts as a compelling leading line to draw us toward the Cathedral rock and the Milky Way. Also, he’s used the roof of the cave in an excellent manner to frame the sky thereby adding emphasis to that gorgeous sky.

Wouldn’t it have been spectacular if we were able to witness such scenery with our unaided eyes?

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