Interesting Photo of the Day: Camel Caravan in the Desert

Drone photography has become more popular in recent years because of advances made in technology and accessibility to the equipment. Some photographers have embraced this new wave of image capturing that allows them to photograph immense portions of land from above. It used to be a view that was left to helicopters and planes. The exciting part about drones is that there is an essentially untapped perspective of photography that was less available just ten years ago:

drone photography aerial perspective

“Camel Caravan in the Desert” by Hanbing Wang (Via Imgur. Click image to see full size.)

Photographer Hanbing Wang captured this photo of a camel caravan trekking across the desert and entered it into SkyPixel’s photo contest. He ended up winning first prize in the Professional Beauty category. The competition was open to professional or amateur photographers and split into three categories: Beauty, 360, and Drones in Use.

Subtle waves on the dunes hint at the journey this caravan must take across the ocean of sand. The drone’s bird’s eye view works well here with the sun beating down on the travelers. His photograph displays the stunning detail of each hoof print and the ripples that surround them. Excellent shot, Hanbing!

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