Interesting Photo of the Day: Broken Billboard

The year 2020 has been a tough one so far for all of us. On the one hand, we have the pandemic that’s been a threat to everyone. Then there’s the protests going on against racial discrimination that has brought together different communities to fight for their rights. We really don’t know how things will work out, but we can remain optimistic and hope that everything ends up being okay. The following image was taken by photographer Christopher Lucka in NYC which is a great representation of how 2020 has been so far:

advertisement on a broken billboard

“The Face of 2020” by Christopher Lucka (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

The image is that of a billboard that was broken during the course of the protest against racial discrimination in NYC. At first, it might just seem straight up creepy. But if we dig a bit deeper, we can interpret in various ways.

Considering the smile, it surely reflects a happy mood and positivity. But the fact that we can’t see the woman’s eyes keeps us from reading her intentions. We can’t make out what she’s up to. It’s creepy and mysterious at the same time. Another interpretation that we can draw is how the lower half of the image represents optimism while the darkness and the cracks on the upper half represent the disturbance that has been going on.

All in all, the image is surely a great representation of this chaotic year – 2020. What other interpretations can you draw from the image?

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