Interesting Photo of the Day: Bird of Prey

Well, some might say it’s pure luck, others will say it’s the result of hard and intensive work – and I prefer the second option. But we can’t deny to the fact that photographer Peter Cairns (whether out of luck or out of patience and persistence) achieved a glorious and majestic picture of a sub-adult female golden eagle in flight, at Cairngorms National Park, Scotland. The picture is part of a wild nature series, called Tooth and Claw: living alongside Britain’s predators.

bird wildlife photo

“One in a Million Shot” (Imgur)

With his wife, Peter Cairns founded Northshots back in 1999, and has been racking up numerous competitions awards, producing several books and authoring projects such has Tooth & Claw, Wild Wonders of Europe and 2020VISION. Peter is also an associate of the International League of Conservation Photographers and the director of The Wild Media Foundation and Wild Scotland, the country’s representative body on nature tourism.

With such background on wild nature photography, there’s no way to deny the true passion and the guts that it took to get this splendorous, yet fierce, photo of the day.

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