Interesting Photo of the Day: Beetle Sunset Silhouette

This amazing photograph of a bluemint beetle against the backdrop of the setting sun is an amazing capture. It was taken by Abhy Shék and described perfectly by Reddit user joelhagraphy as “Jurassic Park meets a Bugs Life meets Lion King”. Captured with a Canon 6D Mark II and 24-105mm kit lens, in many ways it is just that; an imaginative combination of these three movie favorites.

Bug against setting sun creates an amazing image

Bluemint Beetle at Sunset by Abhy Shek (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

The fact that there’s another small bug, probably a fly, behind the bluemint beetle will resonate with Lion King fans. It makes you think of a king and his son looking out on to their kingdom. At least, that’s what I thought when I looked at this image for the first time.

My takeaway from this picture? You don’t need fancy locations or expensive models to make a compelling image. Sometimes, you need to change your perspective and appreciate the little things around you. Like this bluemint beetle, and the other little bug, that made this a wonderful image.

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