Interesting Photo of the Day: Ballerina in the Streets of Prague

A good looking portrait is not just about a pretty face. In fact, there are so many other elements to it. Besides the person in the frame, lighting, location, and the subject’s expression are important to consider. A portrait springs to life when the subject’s pose is dynamic. An effective way you can do this is by adding in a little bit of action with motion. You might think action and portraits do not mix well, but this is how you go about trying something out of the box. Take for instance the following image taken by photographer Anna Ulman. This portrait of a ballerina in the streets of Prague showing off her skills is nothing short of stunning:

ballerina in the streets

“Ballerina in the Streets of Prague” by Anna Ulman (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Ulman took the image using her Canon 6D at 135mm F/2, with a 1/500-second exposure and ISO 125.

Thanks to her skillful pose and her long hair in motion, the ballerina beautifully stands out in the image. Her composure, strength, and posture might even make you confuse her for a tenacious anime character.

Besides the brilliant subject, the colors that Ulman has achieved in the background are equally stunning. The gentle and warm colors add so much character to the image and complement the subject.

This image is a testament to the fact that it’s not just the photographer who makes a photo brilliant. The subject has an equally important role to play. What do you think?

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