Interesting Photo of the Day: Bajau Boy Ready to go Fishing

Among the shores of southeast Asia live an indigenous group of people called the Bajau. They primarily live off the ocean, using small wooden boats to traverse the blue waters of their native land. Pictured here is a young Bajau boy photographed by Hesham Alhumaid. This photo was taken using a Canon 5D MarkII and 24-70mm lens:

bajau boy sea ocean blue water boat

The Bajau live off the sea (Via Imgur, Click to View Full Size)

What’s so captivating about this image is the colors and perspective. The aerial-esqe angle allows the brilliant blue water to fill the frame and complement the yellow and browns in the image. The boy’s pose and facial expression also convey a kind of relaxed eagerness, as if he’s patiently waiting to take a trip out to sea.

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