Interesting Photo of the Day: Awesome Double Exposure Portrait

You can get pretty creative when working with multiple exposures—layering images on top of other images to get some pretty unique and interesting shots. Lately there has been increasing interest in double exposure portraits, such as this one taken by photographer Austin Greene:


Double Exposure Portrait (Via Imgur. Click to see full size.)

“No layering or blending of images or anything like that was done in Photoshop or any other editing software. The way it works is the first image is a silhouette, with your subject being mostly or entirely underexposed, then your second image fills those underexposed areas. The technique has been around since film days and is a ton of fun.” — Greene

Many modern DSLRs come equipped with a multiple exposure function that allows photographers to make these kinds of portraits right in camera. Greene took this shot with a Canon 6D. Toy cameras such as the Lomography Holga are also a popular way to create double exposures. To find out more on how to create these awesome portraits, you can check out this useful tutorial.

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