Interesting Photo of the Day: Ancient Stepwell Architecture

Here is an architectural shot of something that you don’t see very often: the Chand Baori located in Rajasthan, India. Chand Baori is one of the oldest stepwells in the world, as it dates back to between 800-900 AD. While the stepwell is no longer in use as a means of water procurement, it is kept in place for its historical, architectural, and artistic purposes:

With its symmetrical lines and textures, the Chand Baori is a perfect photography subject. (Via Imgur.)

The stepwell has been featured in several films including The Fall and The Dark Knight, so it’s no surprise that the geometric wonder draws in the likes of photographers among its tourists. It’s unclear who the photographer was for this particular capture, but it’s likely that he or she used a wide angle lens to fit all those steps in!

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3 responses to “Interesting Photo of the Day: Ancient Stepwell Architecture”

  1. Jon Bauer says:

    That photo has been seriously Photoshopped. It doesn’t go NEARLY as deep. I just went there… See:

  2. helen taplin says:

    Hi, there are a lot of stepwells in India. this one is outside Agra and it is this deep. It hasn’t been photoshopped for depth.

  3. Rick says:

    The picture in Jon’s link clearly shows a completely different well. I fell for it and added 1 view to his counter.
    You’re warned…

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