Interesting Photo of the Day: A Princess and Her Castle

Imagine exploring beautiful sites and creating images that look like they’re straight out of a fairy tale. For photographer TJ Drysdale, this is nothing new. He’s been lucky to be able to travel to various locations around the world and photograph his girlfriend in an epic way. Every photo that he takes has a strong wonderland vibe. This image that he took at Dunluce Castle in Northern Ireland is no exception:

“Princess and Her Castle” by TJ Drysdale (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Straightaway, we can appreciate the gorgeous composition. The colors, the lighting, the placement of elements, and the selection of the subject’s dress – everything is spot on. It’s fantastic how it gels together so beautifully to give this image the look of a romance novel.

The model in her princess-like dress facing the castle makes it look as if she’s running towards her home away from an evil villain. Or maybe she’s giving the castle a final look before fleeing from it? It’s all up to your imagination. Also, we must appreciate how the color of the dress makes the subject stand out from the rest of the scene and draws the attention right toward her. The edge of the hill also subtly works as a leading line drawing our eyes toward the model and then toward the Dunluce Castle in the background. And in case you’re wondering about the dress, Drysdale got it from a cheap thrift store.

“We hike with the dress in a backpack and then change into it. It is actually horrifically dirty and we don’t photoshop the bottom but somehow it never shows in photos!”

How do you feel about this image? It surely has a strong medieval vibe to it, don’t you think?

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