Interesting Photo of the Day: A Pop of Red in Landscape

Landscape photography tends to focus on nature. But in rare cases, even man-made objects can add to the beauty of a natural landscape. Take for instance the case of the following image by photographer Lorella Castillo at Banff National Park. While the natural beauty is undoubtedly spectacular, the bright red lodge adds so much vibrance to the overall image:

Banff national park

“Calm Reflections at Banff National Park” by Lorella Castillo (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Castillo took the image on a Nikon D810 body with a 24-70mm f/2.8 lens. She shot the image at 24mm, f/3.2, 1/6400 seconds, and ISO 125. The way she took the shot was quite risky as well—to get this composition, she had to walk on a partially frozen lake!

While many photographers would have opted to shoot just the mountain and its reflection, Castillo decided to include the lodge as well. And when you see the result, you know she made the right decision. The pop of red brings contrast and life to the image. Without it, the image would just be shades of grey—not so interesting.

Another fantastic feature of the image is definitely the symmetry. The reflection on the melting lake is almost like looking at a mirror. And the scene and reflection together make a structure that resembles a giant fish swimming through the water. Surely unintentional, but awesome nonetheless.

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