Nikon D780: The Bridge Between Mirrorless and DSLR

With all the major camera brands jumping ship to mirrorless, the photography community really began to wonder if DSLR was indeed dead. As it turns out, that is not the case yet. After announcing their Z series of mirrorless cameras, Nikon surprised a lot of photographers by announcing a new DSLR: the Nikon D780. The camera borrows many features from the Z6, D850, and the D5. See what photographer Ted Forbes has to say about the camera:

Besides the usual upgrades in features from the popular D750, the D780 has some quite interesting features. With their new experience in developing mirrorless cameras, the team at Nikon have added in some mirrorless features. Take note that the mirrorless features in this DSLR become prominent when the camera is used in live view.

Some of the new and interesting features include:

  • Complete silent shooting with electronic shutter
  • 51 point AF system when using the optical viewfinder and the Z6’s 273 point AF system in live view
  • Eye AF feature in live view (first DSLR with this feature)

It’s interesting how Nikon has taken a step with the D780 to bridge the gap between mirrorless and DSLR. By featuring options that were exclusive to mirrorless into the DSLR line-up, this may well be an attempt to keep their DSLR consumers from hopping on to the mirrorless category.  There are also groups of consumers who still love their DSLRs and refuse to work with anything else. With Nikon introducing mirrorless capabilities to DSLRs, they may even be able to lure in a new consumer base.

“I love the fact that Nikon has taken what they’ve learned from the mirrorless system and brought a lot of those features from the D6 over into the D780 into live view.”

Was this a right move by Nikon? Only time will tell. What do you feel about what Nikon has done with the D780?

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