Nikon Camera Shutter Symphony, These Instruments are Expensive

Let’s name off the arts: painting, drawing, music, photography, dance, theater, film, sculpting, graphic design, and on and on. Each art has its own particular tools specifically designed to create the art of that type. But what if you used the tools from one art to create another? Obviously, this isn’t possible with every tool. You couldn’t create a sculpture with a paintbrush, nor could you use ballet slippers to create a digital image. But apparently you can use cameras to make music, which is just what Von Wong and Andrew Kesler have teamed up together to create:

So maybe this doesn’t have anything to teach us about photography per se, but even in this cute little mini-symphony there is something to learn. Although it looks like Wong just grabbed a bunch of cameras and friends and started pressing buttons, it’s a lot more complicated than that as seen in the behind-the-scenes. And for those interested, here is the making of:

The music, though short, still had to be composed, the timing had to be right, the cameras had to be set up, and the cinematographer had to move and pull focus. More work went into this short production than is visible, and that goes for photography too. Though a photograph make look like a simple capture, there is often a lot more involved than we realize.

nikon symphony song music shutter sounds

14 cameras were needed to make the entire 50 second mini symphony

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