NBA Star Lamar Odom Destroys Paparazzi’s Camera Equipment

Have you ever watched one of those horrible moments play over and over? One that’s so terrible to watch that you can’t help but keep watching it? Well, this is one of those moments, at least for a photographer. NBA player Lamar Odom, husband to Khloe Kardashian Odom, lashed out against the paparazzi the other day by throwing the photographer’s gear out into the street. According to Khloe’s tweets, one cameraman snuck into a gated area on the couple’s property. Here’s what happened in the aftermath:

paparazzi equipment

Odom calmly destroys paparazzo’s camera equipment

But apparently this wasn’t the only thing that the paparazzi did to make Odom so upset. Others at the scene report that several photographers rushed Odom’s stopped car at a street light and asked him about the rumors that he cheated on his wife. In response, Odom got out of his car and proceeded to break into several of the paparazzi’s vehicles. After finding a bag full of equipment in one the cars, Odom flung the gear out into the street. Afterwards, he picked up all the gear, but appears to put it in his own trunk.

Though obviously angered, Odom quickly switches tunes as a fan gets out of her car to take a selfie with the NBA star (Via USA Today). You can see the entire video here:

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10 responses to “NBA Star Lamar Odom Destroys Paparazzi’s Camera Equipment”

  1. Anon says:

    Paparazzi incur risks by intruding on the privacy of others. I’m glad they had their gear destroyed, and hope more celebrities are proactive against these scum.

  2. Mircea says:

    Oh, boy, it would be nice if one of those low life forms (and I mean by this the paparazzi ) would try to do this in Romania. Lamar was a nice guy to act only like this.

  3. Jay says:

    You all do realize that the only reason the Kardashians are famous is because of the paparazzi, they have have that attention in order to make money. If all the paparazzi went away Kim/Khloe and Odom and all the rest that ‘cry’ for the press to leave them alone would go nuts without any attention. Destroying thousands in camera gear is nothing to be happy about, thats taking away a person livelihood. Take the photog to court for trespassing, dont destroy the gear, you just become the fool and make yourself the criminal.

  4. Rig says:

    Mr. Odom can be forgiven for having his privacy and personal life disrespected. Just another pack of @sshol@s with cameras trying to live off the slime. Think about what Mr. Odom could have done he did not exercise some measure of control with these idiots.

  5. Deborah says:

    While I certainly do NOT condone the sneaky and underhanded way(s) that many photographers i.e. paparazzi employ to make a buck… I also don’t think mr rich guy here is doing the right thing. Just one indentifiable piece is the canon 70-200mm IS USM L which retails for $2500.00. This destruction is just another ploy to be shown on thug tv.
    As Jay said in his comment, the Kardashian clan is famous for being famous. Made famous by paparazzi. Though the mom is married to Bruce Jenner, he is never the target.
    TMZ | “Thugs Means Zero.” | thug TV

  6. Rick Horowitz says:

    As a criminal defense attorney, I’m hoping that your attitude about someone who breaks into cars, vandalizes equipment, destroys things that belong to other people, and then actually steals it continues.

    Could I also get your addresses so I can make sure you end up on juries when my clients are accused of such crimes?

  7. Joe Photog says:

    What gives him the right to break into the car and destroy the gear? NOTHING! I hope the cops throw the book at this overpaid baby.

  8. bascombe says:

    I feel badly that the equipment is associated with these assenheimers. When you hear what they said to him…. well, you can think of something.

  9. Bruce says:

    I don’t know anything about the alleged trespassing on private property by the photographer, but what I do see in the video is a someone apparently taking equipment out of a car in a public street and destroying it by throwing it onto the road. First question – is this his car and his equipment? If not, he is committing a crime by entering the car and then compounding that by causing malicious damage to property. The video may also show him then stealing the equipment. What the photographer did with the equipment prior to the video, or on whose property, and how famous this perpetrator may or may not be, has nothing to do with it. He should be charged with breaking and entering, malicious damage to property, theft and loss of earnings. If it was my car and equipment I would be looking forward enthusiastically to the judge explaining to him the error of his ways. With any luck a cretin like this has priors which may send him to jail for a spell.

  10. Bruce says:

    I meant to add – it’s interesting how fame distorts the picture. On this side of the Big Pond I have absolutely no idea what a Kardashian or an Odom is. Never heard of them. What I see is someone behaving like a hooligan in a public place, not some demigod to be worshipped. Fame does not entitle someone to commit a criminal act and get away with it.

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