Military Dad Surprises Son During School Picture Day

It’s a childhood rite of passage: getting your school photo taken. You have to sit just so, offer a fake smile (hoping you don’t have a goofy look on your face), and wait in dread for the prints or your yearbook to come out. It can be a pretty miserable experience. But a third grader in North Carolina recently experienced a school photo session that he’ll never forget—in the best possible way:

Corporal James Bass surprised his son Joshua with his homecoming by photobombing his school photo. In the video, you see Corporal Bass quietly pop into the background of the photo.¬†When the photographer shows Joshua the picture on the camera screen and asks who’s in the background, Joshua at first seems confused, but then turns around to see his dad standing there in person. He jumps into his arms, and the two share a laugh and a long hug.

military homecoming photo

This might just be the best photobomb we’ve ever seen!

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