Interesting Photo of the Day: Blue Eyes to Get Lost In

It’s that timeless question among photographers: how much photo-editing is too much? Some argue that photographs should only be “tweaked” by post-processing software so as to remain as true to reality as possible, while others maintain that anything goes as long as it looks good.

This lovely portrait of a woman with striking blue eyes has social media users from both camps debating:

blue eyes woman beautiful portrait hijab

Blue Eyes (Via Imgur, Click to See Larger Size)

On first glance, the photo is gorgeous, but many viewers have argued that closer examination reveals uneven whitening of the model’s eyes and overly extreme airbrushing and lightening of her skin—specifically around the model’s now-nonexistent nose.

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6 responses to “Interesting Photo of the Day: Blue Eyes to Get Lost In”

  1. Alicia Mattheson says:

    Her eyes are definitely a beautiful blue… but the impact, the POP is lost due to the blue headwrap… maybe another colour which would have allowed her eyes to shine would have been better.

  2. Sal says:

    I think the Blue on Blue works just great. I don’t think its overworked either. Its better then some of the cartoon HDR stuff you see so often now-a-days.

  3. Dave Forster says:

    The blue on blue is precisely what makes the image work, IMHO. I also don’t think the image is overworked, but it certainly has been heavily processed. What matters to me is the impact of the resulting image. We’re talking about it so it obviously works.

  4. WILFRED SWAIN says:

    I can see the photographer in her eyes – is this acceptable ? I love it – great idea – must try !

  5. Rick says:

    I think the whitening of the eyes looks overdone. It’s too white and it’s white where one expects to see a little pink.

  6. Paola Landau says:

    I think her eyes are absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful blue eyes. Is this a real photograph?

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