Insane Roadrage Incident Interrupts Photography Session

Public places are often used by photographers for photo shoots. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean everyone agrees with them, which Los Angeles photographer Alex Stone found out first hand. While shooting on a deserted public road in Southern California, Stone and his crew were confronted by an irritated man whose confrontation was caught on film:

The man was later identified by FOX 5 as 52 year old Mark Wayne Gordon, who was arrested and booked after the video was turned into police by Stone and his crew. Gordon is currently being charged with multiple violations, including felony assault with a deadly weapon. Other charges include but are not limited to battery and vandalism.

While the entire incident wasn’t caught on tape, you can see in the three minute video just how out of hand Gordon became. Despite their multiple attempts to leave, Gordon repeatedly tried to attack and run over the photographer and his crew. At one point, he even got out of his vehicle to try to instigate a fight.

photographer attacked

Despite their repeated attempts to leave, Gordon continued to harass Stone and his crew.

Although Stone has been photographing cars for 10 years, this is the first time he has had to deal with this type of a situation. The video was posted to try to raise awareness for other photographers out there to be safe while shooting. After all, you never know who could be out there or what they are capable of.

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6 responses to “Insane Roadrage Incident Interrupts Photography Session”

  1. CJ Schamber says:

    Whoa! Hope they turned that piece of “humanity” in to the cops!

    Glad they are safe!

  2. karen johns says:

    can understand how these people felt about this aggression. was bullied myself the other day about photographing poultry at a show. no problems with people who use a phone but because I was using a camera (and female most likely) I was ordered not to publish my photos, except my own birds. big man, big bully, I am 5 foot 2. I posted the photos to my flickr account but kept them off facebook. eventually I will use them like I always do where I never say who’s birds they are or the show except in the flickr title. his loss in the end.

  3. TomK_VA says:

    I am impressed at how well Mr. Stone was able to keep his composure. If it were me I’m sure my adrenaline would have been pumping like crazy and I can’t honestly say I would have controlled myself so well.

    Thanks for an eye-opening documentary.

  4. Ken Dodds says:

    No self-respecting redneck would act like this. This is a fat fool of a jerk who needs to be put away.

  5. Gil Edgar says:

    Two of you, one of him. Put your cameras in the car, get your tire irons out of your trunks, and show him the error of his ways.

  6. R'laine says:

    What a pathetic “little” man, pathetic!!! Finding it hard to believe that he actually thinks of a public road as his driveway.
    I’m thankful that (so far) I’ve not had any negative interactions such as this. I enjoy photographing derelict buildings and machinery, my friends and I will always seek permission first, and the general response from the landowners is to ask what on earth we see in the abandoned buildings. The ones with the old machinery are a different story, they LOVE that someone else also appreciates their collections.

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