Great Discounts on the Samsung PL100

A special price on the top notch Samsung PL100 digital camera is sure to grab the attention of cost-conscious consumers everywhere. Recently, the high-quality camera became available through PC World; with the special discounts that are being offered, it will be an affordable option for just about anyone. In these tough economic times, there’s no question that people are constantly looking for ways to save some cash. Thanks to the PL100, people no longer have to sacrifice quality pictures for low prices. Amateur photographers and more experienced hobbyists alike are sure to appreciate the many exceptional benefits that this device brings to the table.

Take Perfect Self-Portraits

One of the most revolutionary and exciting things about the Samsung PL100 is its 1.5″ front screen. Taking self-portraits with most digital cameras is a hit-or-miss proposition. All too often, the shot is off-centre or otherwise compromised. Self-timers are imperfect solutions, too, since there’s no definite way to know just how the shot is framed. The PL100’s front screen eliminates these issues, allowing users to see precisely what the camera sees in real time. Finally, photographers can be included in every shot they take – and their photos will turn out great, time and time again.

Crystal-Clear Quality

With its 12.2 megapixel sensor, the Samsung PL100 takes incredibly crisp, clear photographs. Impeccable photographs are par for the course with this first-rate digital device. In fact, casual observers will easily confuse photos taken by the PL100 with those taken by a professional-quality camera. The best part is that this exceptional quality is available for an incredibly low price. People don’t have to break the bank to take amazing photographs. They can simply point, shoot and be on their way. The Samsung PL100 makes it that easy, and it can be had at a great discount through PC World.

Exceptional Extras

In addition to its revolutionary front screen and the breathtaking clarity of the photos that it takes, the Samsung PL100 has several other noteworthy features. 3x optical zoom allows users to hone in on the fine details, or zoom out to grab the big picture. Digital image stabilisation enhances a user’s ability to take flawless pictures on-the-go. A 2.7″ rear screen helps people get an even better idea for how their photos will ultimately turn out. Anyone who is interested in owning a first-rate digital camera and revolutionary technology – all for a rock-bottom price – should click their way over to PC World today.

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