Got 200 Cameras Lying Around? Camera Dominoes

Okay, none of us may actually own 200 cameras, but if you did, what would you do with them? Well Warwick Williams and his daughter decided they would play dominoes. Some may laugh at the cleverness of this idea, others may wince at the sight of each camera falling down onto the next. Either way, it will probably be the only time you see 200 cameras used for this purpose:

This isn’t the first time that cameras have been used for (more creative?) purposes other than their original intent. Von Wong and Andrew Kessler teamed up to create a Nikon shutter symphony, and two years ago, 2D House created a very elaborate Rube Goldberg machine using only photography gear.

Perhaps it’s something about photographers and their creative minds that spark these ideas. Photographers like to think outside the box, challenge limitations, and, apparently, rethink the purpose and intention of photo and non-photo gear alike. This is why you see so many photography “life hacks” and DIY projects to create your own portable tripod or light reflector or what have you. It’s this mindset that allows us to create such beautiful images. We don’t take things at face value and we don’t take things for granted. We think, we imagine, and we create.

camera dominoes point and shoot

Genius? Or really bored?

Having said that, if I had 200 camera lying around, I might think of something else to do with them.

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2 responses to “Got 200 Cameras Lying Around? Camera Dominoes”

  1. Absolutely love it.

    Can you send me 200 cameras please – I’ll try it with 1DXs :-)

  2. A Lani says:

    I would love to try this and even film it in slow motion.

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