Cute Photo Album of the Day: Elephant & Dog Best Friends

You’ve probably seen a few unlikely animal friendships via the internet: a dog and duck or a cat and mouse. But this is one animal duo you’ve probably haven’t heard of. Bubbles, a 9,000 pound elephant, is best friends with a Bella, a black Labrador Retriever. These two pals share a love for the water and spend hours playing together in a nearby river:

Both Bubbles and Bella have had troubled pasts. Bubbles’s family members were victims of ivory poachers, and she was one of the few lucky survivors. In 1987, she was adopted by the Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina when she only weighed 300 pounds. Bella was also abandoned as a baby. A contractor, hired to build a swimming pool for Bubbles, left the lab at the Safari. She was taken in, and the two quickly became friends through their love of water.

Bubbles and Bella have attracted quite a bit of attention, even going as far as appearing on Good Morning America. The couple help bring in donations for conservation efforts, and you can still visit them at the safari today. It’s not everyday you get to photograph the friendship between an elephant and a dog.

Just when you think there’s nothing unique left to photograph, remember that we often take the world’s size and diversity for granted. Even with as many photographers as there are today, there are still many treasures left undiscovered.

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One response to “Cute Photo Album of the Day: Elephant & Dog Best Friends”

  1. Sherry says:

    Sweetest thing I’ve seen in a while, just truly blessed me. Sure gave me a smile for my day. Thank you you for sharing, I appreciate this, it warmed my heart. God bless :-)

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