Curious Octopus Steals Camera

We’ve witnessed sharks stealing camera equipment before, but, apparently, they aren’t the only sea creatures that take up thievery as a hobby. When collecting video footage of a octopus, a New Zealand based filmmaker became a mugging victim when the curious octopus reached out and snatched up the video camera to do some filmmaking of his own. Take a look:

After a five minute pursuit across the ocean floor, the photographer was finally able to distract the octopus by lifting him up with a spear gun. The octopus then switched his focus–and tentacles–to the spear just long enough for the filmmaker to reach into the octopus’s mouth and retrieve his camera.

underwater photography

Despite being able to steal his camera back from the cephalopod, the photographers adventure still wasn’t over. The octopus, now enamored with the spear gun, wasn’t ready to say goodbye. The photographer, who sensed no threat from the amorous octopus, decided to swim the little guy around the ocean some more until the octopus finally released the spear gun as well.

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One response to “Curious Octopus Steals Camera”

  1. lynmay says:

    Looks like he just wanted some company to play with. I’ve heard of this
    before and some marine biologist are starting see inter-species
    play when they least expect it.
    I guess we aren’t the only ones that want to have some fun.

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