Camera Water Gun Prank

Megapixels, aperture, shutter speeds, bracketing, clients, business cards, studios, lenses, tripods, filters… With all of these things to think about, photography can sometimes get a little too serious and overwhelming. That’s why it’s always nice to sit back and enjoy the lighter side of things for a while. In this viral video, a “traveling photographer” plays a prank on unsuspecting London tourists with his special camera:

Novelty cameras like these can be fun for taking a break from your normal business photography routine. Though this camera doesn’t appear to take actual pictures, here are a few novelty cameras that do:

  • Sunglasses Camera – There are several companies that make these type of spy cameras. Many include the option of taking video so that you may record your friends and co-workers when they least expect it. Just don’t become too suspicious by wearing these sunglasses indoors or at night.
  • 360 Degree Panoramic Ball Camera – This green rubbery ball, constructed by researchers from a Berlin university, contains 36 cameras which fire simultaneously when it reaches its peak height after being thrown in the air. A special program allows you to automatically stitch the photos together for a perfect 360 degree view.
  • Juice Box Camera – This cute little camera look just like a child’s juice box and can take lo-fi photos by pushing down on the straw. This is yet another way to take photos inconspicuously..that is, if no one thinks it’s odd you carry a juice box around all day.
  • Lomography Cameras – Lomography has a wide variety of toy cameras that let you do everything from capture photos with the sprocket holes in the frame to capturing 9 photos at once. Though the quality is nothing compared to professional cameras, their unexpected results are what drives photographers to buy them.
camera squirt gun prank london

He’s just taking photos, really

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