Angry Brides Confront Wedding Photographer Who Ruined Their Big Day

Make no mistake about it. A wedding photographer’s life isn’t cut out for everyone. It entails a lot of hard work, continuously having to push timelines, multi-task, and manage clients. But at the end of the day you do get to see happy, smiling clients who thank you for being their wedding photographer and making beautiful images of the biggest day of their lives. Now, that’s something that’s worth its weight in gold. That satisfaction is the biggest takeaway for any professional wedding photographer. If you can’t handle all that pressure and then deliver in a timely, professional manner you have no business being a wedding photographer. The problem is no one told that to this photographer:

Justin Hollow is a Brisbane, Australia based wedding photographer who runs Lakes Photography. That’s all hunky-dory, except that Hollow seems to have had a problem keeping his promises. Some clients report that he’s failed to deliver his products, stills, and videos from the wedding even months—and in some cases over a year—after a wedding. Other clients claim his behavior with other guests is deplorable, to say the least. They say he’s left his brides in tears with his bad behavior. The Office of Fair Trading is also hot on the trail of Hollow and his company. He’s even in the bad books of his real estate agent, who says he owes thousands of dollars and has been verbally abusive.

angry brides confront wedding photographer

Katherine and Matt, a couple who hired Justin Hollow for their wedding are yet to receive their full package after 12 months.

So, when Current Affair decided to give about a dozen of these disgruntled clients a platform to voice their anger, Hollow was taken aback. He clearly did not except to be confronted by so many of the couples that he had wronged. His responses on camera, however, are shocking:

“I will delete your files and I’ll block you.”

wedding photographer confronted by his clients

Justin Hollow was confronted by some of his clients.

His fowl mouthed jibes were not limited to one-on-one conversations. This is a screen grab of a text message he sent to the stepfather of one of his clients:

unprofessional wedding photographer

A text message purportedly sent by Justin Hollow.

If there is one unspoken golden rule in wedding photography, it’s, “Never upset the bride and groom.” This photographer, however, seems to have missed the memo.

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  1. Mary says:

    Looks like an area perfect for young, talent to come in and take all his business. He’d never survive in the competitive Southern California wedding photography market

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