Adorable Marmot Steals the Timelapse Show

We all have that one friend who unpredictably and flawlessly sweeps in through the doorway and steals the show. They may frequently be found photobombing selfies or group photos. There’s one in every group. In the wild, there are these types of characters as well. The unsuspecting timelapse photographers at Greenpeace got a shock when they played back the camera footage they recorded at Glacier National Park:

Marmot steals the show! (Via Imgur)

This adorable marmot totally stole the show!

Marmots are large rodents of the Marmota genus and live in mountainous regions of the world. The high-altitude loving groundhogs are highly social creatures and apparently, quite curious!


“Oh, hi! Let me clean that off for you.”

Not only did the photographer leave with a great bit of footage, but a squeaky clean lens to boot!

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2 responses to “Adorable Marmot Steals the Timelapse Show”

  1. Markus says:

    Something strange going on with the clouds in the background as they stop moving…

  2. Peter Muskvich says:

    They stopped the time-lapse to show this critter.

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