Accidental Proposal Photobomber Becomes Famous on the Internet Overnight

That embarrassing moment when you know you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time — we’ve all been there, but rarely does it earn us instant Internet fame. The photo below captures the candid (and hilarious) moment: a young couple at Disneyworld is experiencing a magical moment (pardon the pun, but they are in front of Cinderella’s Castle) that is being captured on camera when a stranger finds himself in the way and nervously, awkwardly tries to duck out of the shot:

disneyworld proposal photobomber

The now-famous photobomber in action (via imgur)

What are the odds of capturing this exact moment with a split-second click of the shutter? His horrified expression, his “just let me sink into a hole in the ground” body language . . . needless to say, the photo has caused quite a splash on social media sites. Not only that, but the photobomber has suddenly become the subject of countless memes people have created, where he interrupts important or historical moments caught on camera.

Some examples include Life Magazine’s famous shot entitled “V-J Day in Times Square” of an American sailor spontaneously kissing a nurse, or the lunar landing, or the Beatle’s iconic Abbey Road album cover, and the list goes on . . .

V-J Day in Times Square: photobombed (via imgur)

The lunar landing: photobombed (via imgur)

Muhammad Ali knockout: photobombed (via imgur)

Elvis concert: photobombed (via imgur)

The fall of the Berlin Wall: photobombed (via imgur)

Tiananmen Square: photobombed (via imgur)

The Beatles at Abbey Road: photobombed (via imgur)

However, despite the interrupted proposal, the couple was able to clear the crowds and re-create a Disney-appropriate (albeit staged) happy ending after all:

via imgur

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