A Hyperlapse Made Entirely of Google Street View Photos

A truly fresh and clever idea. Teehan+Lax, a digital experience company, has created a hyperlapse video using photos taken from Google’s Street View. The particular unit which created the hyperlapse says that they are “tasked with exploring the creative uses of technology in the digital channel and framing technical possibilities for the agency, clients, and wider community.” Creative is the key word here, and Teehan+Lax has definitely gained that title:

T+L define a hyperlapse as a timelapse combined with sweeping camera movements that usually focuses around a certain object or landmark. You can see examples of this in T+L’s video when the camera centers on the mountain ranges and jets flying overhead (Via¬†Wired). You have to give kudos to T+L for their creativity, programming, and dedication. I don’t imagine it was easy finding the scenes that worked so well in this video.

The best part about this Google Street View hyperlapse is that you can make your own. T+L has incorporated their code onto the web and allowed other users to create their own hyperlapse videos.

timelapse made with google street view

Teehan+Lax is dedicated to producing creative work through digital channels

The technique is similar to a constructed time-lapse, except that the photographer is capturing their own movement, as opposed to the subject. Here is a tutorial on how to create a hyperlapse sequence around a building.

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