23 Extreme Gravity-Defying Photos That Will Give You Vertigo

How many times have you been told that anything is possible? Do you believe it? Here are 23 extreme photos of serious risk takers that prove anything is possible:

What about when it comes to climbing a waterfall? Or sleeping comfortably on a sheer cliff face thousands of feet in the air?

I had never even heard of Portaledge camping before, and now that I have I would never try it! Even thinking about the CN Tower Edgewalk in Toronto makes me queasy. I can say however, if extreme skiing means dropping, or rather plummeting, down a 90 degree mountain slope, I can do that. Not willingly or gracefully, but I can do that.

But there are people out there who live for this stuff and luckily for us, a few of them like to document it through photography.

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2 responses to “23 Extreme Gravity-Defying Photos That Will Give You Vertigo”

  1. José Borges says:

    I saw this jump, and i´m wandering, why you just say Portugal, since this jump was in Azores Archipelago, in S. Miguel Island, 2 hrs by plane from Portugal, is like saying in Asia, but were in Asia???

    José Borges

  2. Rick says:

    Wow! Nice set! Got my hands all sweaty.

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