Engagement Photographer Captures Marriage Proposal Interrupted by Gigantic Wave

This marriage proposal is making waves all over national news outlets and social media. Alright, that was a horrible pun, so here’s the story. A gentleman takes his lovely lady onto the rocks at the beach, sings her a special song, and then gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him. As the words leave his lips, a gigantic wave engulfs them both and washes them straight up the shore. This photographer on hand did a fantastic job capturing the special moments. The video, however, is arguably one of the best parts of this nearly-botched-by-nature marriage proposal:

By some miracle he holds onto the ring, his lady jumps up and says yes as soon as she can get her feet under her again, and all seems to be well in this couple’s future.

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wave wedding proposal

The ocean starts stirring in the background

wave proposal

The giant wave approaches…

engagement photos wave

Miraculously they were only washed ashore with no damage done

Today Show spot: When a man got down on bended knee in Laguna Beach, Calif., to ask his girlfriend to be his wife, a huge wave came crashing over them! (Once they managed to laugh it off and got back on their feet, she did say yes.)

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