What is a Candid Photo?

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Taking photography of people when they have no idea that you’re doing it is called candid photography. One of the beauties of photography is being able to catch someone in the act. It adds life to your pictures.

candid photo

"Pray for U" captured by Kustiyah (Click Image to See More From Kustiyah)

If you look at magazines such as Time, you’ll see great examples of candid photography.

For other examples, go to your local library and take a look at old issues or current issues of national geographic magazine.

Although taking a candid shot cam seem to be easy, I’m going to give you a few tips to follow that will help you magnify the effectiveness and quality of your shot.

Tip #1- The first thing you should do is ensure that you have your subject in your viewing range while they are not paying attention.

Tip #2- Training your eye to capture the moment. Moving fast along with having a method for doing it is the key. Preparation is of importance. You need to have your camera cued up and ready even before you find a subject to shot.

Tip #3- For your digital camera, keep it on the appropriate settings. This form of photography has a heavy reliance on light and further more, you may not always get to select the angle. Your angle could be the place in which you occupy at the moment.

Candid photography is all about understanding and capture unplanned moments of someone’s emotions, be it cheerfulness or tears.

how to take candid photos

Photo captured by Irina Oreshina (Click Image to See More From Irina Oreshina)

Tip #4- Good lighting, a great angle along with a nice camera are all apart of getting a good shot, but being still and making observations is what’s most important.

The skill you’ll want to develop as a photographer is, the ability to take notice and observe.

Photographers will look far and wide, over the crowds and through the landscape looking for that 1 in a million shot. Having a camera ready is essential.

Taking shot of friends and family can be tough because they are most likely aware of you and what you’re doing and therefore they become distracted.

If you want to get good shots of your friends, the focus has to be on something else other than the camera. Get them talking about something that they like and are passionate. Your goal for doing this is to try to get them to forget you’re carrying a camera. In getting them to forget, they are more likely to act natural.

One issue that you’ll have to deal with is having a balance between those that love to have their picture taken and those that are shy. Considering they are your friends and you know them well, you’ll be able to decide what is the best way capture the moment.

Having the skill of observing along with having your camera ready is the essential to taking good candid camera shots.

candid photography tips

"I got this" captured by Don warren (Click Image to See More From Don warren)

Taking candid photos can be fun and exciting and one of the most rewarding of all photos but the downside is it can become annoying when the subject is aware of the camera.

Never forget the camera when going out with friends. By taking the advice that I have shared, you’ll become better at taking the most exciting forms of photography.

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    nice tips, very educational.
    we are the mind and the camera is the eye. click at the right moment with the right settings and we can capture images that need no words.

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